Salt Therapy works wonders for everyone!

Helping you to live, sleep and breathe better.

Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antihistamine, so people experiencing everything from asthma to eczema may achieve significant and lasting symptom relief with regular salt therapy.

Salt Therapy is a natural and non-invasive therapy that involves inhaling dry salt, which can help cleanse the airways and skin to relieve congestion, inflammation, allergies and skin irritations.

Salt therapy is not an alternative therapy, but a complementary one. It can assist in relieving the symptoms of a condition and work in conjunction with existing medication, which results in even greater relief!

What is a Salt Room?

A salt room is designed to replicate the micro-climate environment of a natural salt cave. The walls and floor are lined with salt and a pure clinical grade dry salt mist is infused into the room.

What do I do?

Salt Therapy is easy and enjoyable. All you have to do is relax in the salt room on comfortable chairs, put your feet up, breathe and start to feel the difference

How does it work?

The salt is inhaled deep into the airways and the lungs. Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-histamine. When inhaled, it coats the airways and enters the lungs and has the effect of killing bacteria, reducing inflammation in the airways and breaking down mucus congestion, resulting in an opening of the airways allowing for easier and more effective breathing and increased lung capacity.

How long does it take?

Just 45 minutes per session. Our consultant will recommend an individual program based on your needs so that you get the best results.

What does it feel like?

Salt therapy is a highly relaxing, peaceful & rejuvenating experience. The salt room environment is highly charged with negative ions which are greatly beneficial to health and well-being, eliminating free radicals and toxic exposure. Inhaling natural salt has a proven calming effect on the nervous system, relieving stress and related disorders such as anxiety and insomnia. Sleep better, breathe better, feel better with salt therapy.

Salt therapy can help relieve the symptoms of a large range of conditions, including:

Asthma • Hay Fever • Cold & Flu • Snoring • Eczema • Psoriasis • Cystic Fibrosis • Allergies • Croup • Bronchitis • Pneumonia • Chest Infection • Sinusitis • Emphysema • Bronchiectasis • Sports Recovery • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) • Wellbeing

Salt therapy takes time and commitment.

A Word on COVID

In light of the current social issues,  I’d also like to add something about covid recovery.  Salt Therapy can assist with congested airways, irritable cough, difficulty breathing and out of breath issues. Salt therapy can break up congestion, draw out inflammation and has great anti viral and anti bacterial properties.

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