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Where do I begin??

We have been coming to have salt therapy over the past month due to all 4 of us in the family getting a chesty cough and congestion that we couldn’t shake and after doing salt therapy I can definitely say it is helping.

We have been coming and having salt therapy on and off over 4 years and our experience of Kenny and Cathy has been nothing but amazing.  The friendly phone manner when you ring and book an appointment ‘ the prompt email enquiry responses, the greeting when you step in that front door and the way that you are both so happy and lovely to myself and my kids.  Our experience from phone calls to emails to walking in that front door has been nothing but 5 star over the years.  In my lifetime of working in the beauty and retail industry, I have never felt so welcome or at home when I see your faces.  Not once have I been spoken to or treated differently, its always been the same every time we come in.

3 years ago my little girl Mia who turned 3 in March this year ended up at Monash hospital in Clayton with bronchiolitis. This was by far one of the scariest moments of my life. Once we got out of hospital my first instinct was to call and book a salt session as this had helped my older daughter with her cold and eczema also. We booked Mia in and we were coming a couple of times a week and I can say that this has definitely helped with her breathing, not to mention her eczema as well. Kenny called me after I had been to a few salt sessions with Mia after coming out of hospital and checked if she was okay. This was the topping on the cake for me. How lovely for him to do that. He genuinely cares about his customers and their health. So it’s a no brainer for me that this place is like family and I would travel to go there due to the people working there more so than anywhere else. So once again, thanks so much to Kenny and Cathy for always giving it 100% and 5/5 stars!!! We’ll continue to come and see you guys and I swear by you two and the service that you guys give is amazing for my girls and their eczema and their chesty coughs and especially in winter when we all get the dreaded cold.

Thanks again,
Carly C.

The following is a testimonial from Emilio for his son Rafael who suffers from asthma.

There is nothing more frightening than seeing your child gasp for air & being rushed to hospital by ambulance. We started salt therapy 2 years ago in desperation to help our 7 year old son who had just developed chronic asthma and had been hospitalised on numerous occasions. We noticed amazing results within 4 weeks and we were able to finally have a peace of mind that we found a solution to this life threatening problem.

The improvements are amazing and our son (now 9) is back to being a healthy and happy boy!


Very helpful and relaxing

I have found salt therapy to be very helpful and relaxing. kenny and his staff are amazing, The premises are well set up and spotless.

I would highly recommend for people who are prone to colds viruses and skin conditions I’m happy to say that since coming here I have not had pneumonia for the first time in 3 years and I’ve been coming for my second winter. Thanks Kenny for your advice and help.

I’ve never felt better.
Helen C.

Discover why everyone’s falling in love with Breathe Better Salt Rooms

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